What is your current ship time?

Our current ship time is 3* days. That means from the moment of your purchase until we take it to the post office to ship. This does not include the amount of time it takes USPS to ship to you.

(Unless stated in the listing or it is made to order.)

I'm local to you. Do you offer pickup for free?

If you are in the Baltimore, Maryland area and would like to pick up your item(s)/order(s) please send an email to TreeHollowCrafts@gmail.com or a text to (443) 251 - 6218 prior to ordering. We will discuss it with you more, and see if we can offer pickup at that time.

Do you accept custom orders?

Yes and no. Yes, we accept custom orders. However, we don't take orders we feel are out of our ability or we are unable to fulfill. We will determine if we are able to take your order through discussion. 

My item(s) arrived broken. What should I do?

We package our items as best as possible, while trying to keep our Earth in mind. Please reach out to us with pictures of your broken items and we will see what we can do.

I'm allergic to (specific animal) and was wondering if you have them?

We have two medium sized dogs and seven birds. Often times, they are with us during the packaging or shipping part. Sometimes both.